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Island Cup Games

Dordrecht the Netherlands


Dordrecht is a very beautifull old city with great highlights. You have to come and visit and do some sightseeing too. During the tournament there will be some time in between the games to do so, and you can stay a day or come on Thursday. During the tournament we have information about what to do in Dordrecht, just ask us.

(Dutch pronunciation: [ˈdɔr.trɛχt] ( listen)), colloquially Dordt [dɔrt], historically in English named Dort, is a city and municipality in the western Netherlands, located in the province of South Holland. It is the fourth largest city of the province, having a population of 118,601 in 2009. The municipality covers the entire Dordrecht Island, also often called Het Eiland van Dordt (the Island of Dordt), bordered by the rivers Oude Maas, Beneden Merwede, Nieuwe Merwede, Hollands Diep, and Dordtsche Kil. Dordrecht is the largest and most important city in the Drechtsteden and is also part of the Randstad, the main conurbation in the Netherlands. Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland and has a rich history and culture.