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Island Cup Games

Good causes


For this year we haven't decided on our good cause. When we know what it will be, we will let you know, so you can support them too.

2013 - 2014 - 2015

No Guts No Glory

The last 3 years we supported the same good cause, No Guts No Glory.

The No Guts No Glory Foundation raises money for uninsured cancer treatments. They provide financial and moral support to cancer patients and are constantly thinking of 'playful' actions to raise money and ask attention for the problem. Attention through social media for example. They believe that money can not justify depriving someone for a chance of extra time.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

We sponsor them in our own way. Part of our sponsor income goes to them. And during the weekend different goodies will be sold. So if you want to support them you can follow them and Like them. But you can also financially support them during our tournament or just by donating.

This is their story

A good friend of us was diagnosed with cancer years ago. The regular treatments were completed but without full recovery. However there are new cancer treatments that give hope, but these treatments are not (yet) covered by health insurance systems. This made us decide to set up a foundation, to raise funds for treatments to give hope and a positive turn.

Our mission is to keep believing in life and hope. Even when the regular treatments have completed without full recovery, and when the health insurance does not cover alternative or new treatments. We believe in possibilities, in miracles that we can make happen together. Please, help us raising funds, so we can give patients, who have completed regular treatments, the opportunity to recover, hope for the future.

With this site we provide a platform for sharing inspiring stories, positive thoughts and actions. We choose to combine our strengths to give support and hope for recovery. Our motto is: No Guts, No Glory!

Let this site be a source of inspiration.

2011 - 2012

Logo Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon

is a health organization that wants to make men (and also women) aware of their prostate and prostate cancer risk. We supported them in the 1st edition. The Blue Ribbon Foundation activities are focused on the taboo surrounding the prostate. They want to make men aware of the risks of and living with prostate cancer, and thus giving it a place in society.

Every men has a prostate that sooner or later give rise to complaints. Men do not talk easily about it, by ignorance or out of shame, but of all men who get cancer, one in seven cases is prostate cancer. Every year 9.000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. In 2015 it's expected to be approximately 15.500 men. Around 3.500 men die from the effects of prostate cancer. This is the same as the number of women dying from breast cancer. Prostate cancer is not just a disease that occurs with older men, but also at a younger age.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation is an initiative of the Prostate Cancer Foundation Contact (SCP), an organization for patients. More information about Blue Ribbon can be found on there website.