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Island Cup Games

Sponsor Island Cup Games 2011

Every year we search for sponsors for our tournament and off course also for Black Sheep during the season. Below all sponsors from last years tournament.

The Profundum Institute stands for first class paramedic healthcare for male and female patients with pelvis, coccygeus and pelvic floor related issues. Within the institute, pelvic physical therapy and manual therapy are combined in specialized diagnostic and treatment protocols for patients with pelvic pain, obstructed miction and defecation, incontinence, dyspareunia, erectile dysfunction or prostate cancer before and after surgery. Second opinions are made for patients with unexplained or recurrent pelvic floor related complaints and low back and/or pelvic pain. Beside diagnostics and treatment of individual patients the center organizes pre and postnatal classes. Of course the manual therapist also diagnose and treat other spine related problems.

(A) Dudok erf 4, 3315 KA Dordrecht
(T) +31 (0)78 6 22 74 11
(F) +31 (0)78 6 22 74 12
(M) +31 (0)6 43 57 57 96
(E) praktijk@profunduminstituut.nl
(W) www.profunduminstituut.nl

Ice World has been with us since the start of our team the Black Sheep. They are also a big part of our games this year. IceWorld is the most well known builder of (temporarily) Ice Rinks. Since the start of The Black Sheep, they have been the main sponsor of this team.

(A) Tolweg 5, 3741 LM Baarn
(T) +31 (0)35 548 05 00
(F) +31 (0)35 548 05 01
(E) sales@ice-world.nl
(W) www.ice-world.com

Since its founding in 1981 Cematec Engineering bv is a big name in the engineering world, their projects include the engineering and / or turn-key supply of equipment, machinery and some prototype programs. The projects are both conducted on the premises of the Group Neitraco or location of the client. Cematec helps their clients to their vision into smart products, cost-effective solutions that are successful in the market. Their practical approach can make great strides. Clear processes, decisions understandable, flexible and tailored to your wishes regarding the use of tools and location. Cematec Engineering bv is distinguished by the wide knowledge of different disciplines within mechanical engineering. This knowledge is guaranteed by the long-term relationship they have with their customers. Cematec Engineering bv offers a full range of engineering, from concept to manufacturing, to the highest standards that their customers expect. Besides the technical capabilities they offer the right service and aftercare to their customers at all times.

(A) Venneveld 2, 4705 RR Roosendaal
(T) +31 (0)165 56 83 50
(F) +31 (0)165 56 07 55
(E) info@cematec.nl
(W) www.cematec.nl

Who says Lonka says real fudge. Lonka also stands for the best chocolate and nougat candy, such as Orange Jellies. And do not forget those delicious caramels.
In short: Lonka specializes in traditional, soft candy for adults. Tradition, quality, innovation and pampering are the central values​​.

(A) Gewenten 31, 4704 RE Roosendaal
(T) +31(0)165 529 399
(F) +31(0)165 536 348 (E) roosendaal@lonka.com
(W) www.lonka.com

Mol Rental offers the right tool at the right time, and that’s when you need it. And that gives you lots of benefits! Investment and maintenance on your part remain omitted. No expensive storage, no expensive maintenance personnel. And always be sure of excellent equipment approved according to all applicable standards. But Mol Rental offers more: it lets you use the customer service area, have access to your hired equipment: All information available via a mouse click! Furthermore Mol offers repair and testing.

(A) Jacobus Lipsweg 9, 3316 BP Dordrecht
(T) +31 78 655 25 00
(F) +31(0)78 655 25 11
(E) info@molverhuur.nl
(W) www.molverhuur.nl

Karin’s Skateshop, as the name implies, specializes in skating. Especially in hockey and figure skating. Years of experience gives a lot of know-how in order to give sound advice about the range of what you find in our shop. Karin will also be one of our Black Sheep sponsors for next season.

(A) Reeweg Oost 264, 3312 LL Dordrecht
(M) +31 (0)6 49 39 86 43
(E) info@karinsschaatssport.nl
(W) www.karinsschaatssport.nl

Hoogvliet & Zn. is a construction company that exists for 85 years. Hoogvliet & Zn. Besides new construction projects such as homes, offices, industrial buildings and schools, we have been involved with renovations, service and maintenance. A 24-hour service for regular customers. They can support the above activities in their own timber factory where they manufacture frames, windows and doors. The company is ISO and VCA ** certified.

(A) Molenvliet 7, 3335 LH Zwijndrecht
(T) +31 (0)78 610 09 66
(F) +31 (0)78 610 01 09
(E) info@hoogvliet-aannemingsbedrijf.nl
(W) www.hoogvlietzwijndrecht.nl

In the past few years, no industry has been under stronger pressure than the printing industry. Businesses faced cutthroat competition, and cheap printing machines from the Far East flooded the market. So how has this 100% Dutch company managed to make it through these turbulent times? Van Straaten’s response: storm-proof canvas and a clear focus on quality.
‘As a company you have to adjust your product and service to market demand. When budgets shrink due to an economic crisis but quality requirements remain unchanged or become even more stringent, you have to find a solution. And this is precisely what we are very good at,’ says a passionate Nico van Straaten.

(A) Schipholweg 939, 2143 CE Boesingheliede
(T) +31 (0)23 555 18 61
(F) +31 (0)23 555 19 21
(E) info@vanstraaten.com
(W) www.vanstraaten.com

FrieslandCampina We provide people around the world with all the good things milk has to offer, with products that play an important role in people’s nutrition and well-being. Together with our member dairy farmers, we are milk experts who are continually expanding our knowledge of the applications of milk.

(A) (central office) Stationsplein 4, 3818 LE Amersfoort
(T) +31 (0)33 713 33 33
(W) www.frieslandcampina.com

If you choose EMPIRE WOOD FLOORING, you choose wisely. Parquet is in fact a good investment. Parquet flooring is a beautiful, timeless and guarantees lifelong living. Moreover, it is easy to maintain flooring.
And by his natural charisma carries a parquet significantly to an attractive interior. For maintenance and restoration of your flooring, you have come to the right place at Empire.

(A) Van Ravensteynerf 15, 3315 DG Dordrecht
(T) +31 (0)78 621 47 26
(F) +31 (0)78 616 44 04
(E) tytens@gmail.com
(W) www.empire-parketvloeren.nl

Just Picture Lieve made our tournament logo. And during the tournament Lieve Dijsselbloem will be responsible for all pictures and video material. Lieve is photographer and designer and she is specialised in product photography.

(A) Prins Hendrikstraat 50, 3331 XS Zwijndrecht
(M) +31 (0)6 50 48 26 20
(E) info@justpicturelieve.com
(W) www.justpicturelieve.com

Mid Town Records provides us with all sorts off materials and resources during the event. Mid Town Records has a record label in hardcore music. They also organize events.

(T) +31 (0)10 483 04 44
(F) +31 (0)10 483 23 33
(E) midtownshop@mid-town.nl
(W) www.mid-town.nl

Mynt ’80 made this website possible and helps us with some other marketing questions. Nils Kleingeld of Mynt ’80 describes himself as a creative think tank that will shape your ideas.

(A) Kromme Elleboog 62, 3311 NN Dordrecht
(T) +31 (0)78 621 47 26
(F) +31 (0)78 616 44 04
(E) nils@mynt80.com
(W) www.mynt80.com

MSG Expertise, in persona of Harry Wendt, is our controller, also during the season for The Black Sheep. MSG Expertise comes to a balanced assessment of the various risks that companies face and appropriate risk reduction measures may be indicated.

(A) Beekenstein 69, 3328 ZC Dordrecht
(T) +31 (0)78 617 10 09
(W) www.msgexpertise.nl

Sandra Galjaard of Triskelion Advice is one of the organizers of the tournament, mainly responsible for all communication and marketing. Triskelion Advice is specialized in change management for small and medium companies. She combines Human with Organization and ICT in Social innovations. Her motto: People make the difference!

(A) A. van Bleijenburgstraat 1, 3311LA Dordrecht
(T) (+31) 78 7853444
(E) galjaard@triskelion-advies.nl
(W) www.triskelion-advies.nl
R. Ooijen Beheer BV does all kinds of chores for this event. Remco Ooijen is president of Black Sheep and in business he is specialized in Building Information Model BIM.

(A) A. van Bleijenburgstraat 1, 3311LA Dordrecht
(M) (+31) 6 41 14 80 46
(E) rfemco.ooijen@kpnmail.nl
(W) www.rooijenbeheer.wordpress.com/