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Island Cup Games

Sponsor Island Cup Games 2014

Every year we search for sponsors for our tournament and off course also for Black Sheep during the season. Below all sponsors how sponsor during the 2014 edition of the tournament.

Postiljon Hotels
Postillion Hotel Dordrecht is centrally located and therefore has connections with different areas that are surrounding it. The hotel is situated near the National Park the Biesbosch but it is also between the busy cities of Rotterdam and Breda. The center of Dordrecht with its many national monuments and pleasant shopping, is only 10 minutes by car from the hotel. The Pot of Rotterdam is only a 20-minute drive away. Will you prefer nature? The old polders of Dordrecht and the National Park the Biesbosch are also just minutes away. Here you can go hiking, cycling or have a boat trip. This also makes the hotel the perfect location for a weekend away.

(A) Rijksstraatweg 30, 3316 EH Dordrecht
(T) +31 (0)78 618 44 44
(F) +31 (0)78 651 34 82
(E) Hotel.dordrecht@postillionhotels.com
(W) www.postillionhotels.com

Interdam Projects
InterDam provides standard and customized products for offshore- and onshore applications such as:
- Blast- and fire resistant doors
- Fire resistant walls
- Blast resistant walls
- Cladding systems, weather tight and / or blast relief
- Spare parts for offshore- and onshore fire- and blast doors
All products have relevant type approval certificates of certifying authorities like Lloyd's. DNV, USCG or ABS.
Fire rated / Blast Doors
Our fire doors constitute a heavy duty, fully certified range that covers fire ratings from A0 up to H120 including jetfire requirements. Doors are also able to withstand a blast overpressure (up to 2.5 bar blast).
Wall Systems
Our wall designs consist of a bolted wall design (IDM Propanel), the IDM Blast/Fire wall, bolted to withstand higher blast load systems and a welded wall configuration (IDM Panel Welded). The systems can be supplied in ratings A0, A60, A120, H0, H60, H120 and jetfire ratings and are able to withstand blast overpressures > 1.1 bar blast. To complete the range we also have our own design cladding system (blast relief), louvres and heat shields.
Working method
It is our aim to find the optimal balance between engineered solutions and standardized products. Design, engineering and most importantly product development and structural calculations are all done in house with well trained professional staff.
Based on the performance requirements as set in the technical specification from the client, we will provide the most cost-efficient for your specific project. Our expertise is based on many years of experience in meeting the stringent requirements of some of the world's most exacting customers. For each individual case, solutions are found for fire and blast walls, doors and cladding systems, which emphasizes on major cost and weight savings within the requirements of structural integrity, durability and safety considerations.

(A) Benedenrijweg 186, 2987 VB Ridderkerk
(T) +31 (0)180 470 030
(F) +31 (0)180 470 039
(E) bgr@interdam.com
(W) www.interdam.com

Van Halen Events
Van Halen Events & Supplies supplies us with several materials during the tournament, just like an air pillow for the kids, screens and soundsystems. On their website (press the logo) you will find a detailed description and impression of the variety (corporate) events, the team of Van Halen Events and Supplies from Dordrecht in the past period has allowed to create. For completion of each event the use of the best materials is invaluable! Besides the overall organization of your event, Van Halen Events & Supplies with their own rental division of over 2500 square meters, making the partial realization of your event or rental of loose materials is possible.

(A) Galvanistraat 5, 3316 GH Dordrecht
(T) +31 (0)78 617 45 37
(F) +31 (0)78 617 49 53
(E) info@vanhalenevents.nl
(W) www.vanhalenevents.nl

Faay specializes in the production of environmentally-friendly partition walls and ceiling systems with exceptional properties. Faay Vianen B.V., a Dutch family business, is based in Vianen in the province of Utrecht. Partition walls have been manufactured on the basis of flax waste, a by-product of the linen-, paper-, and linseed oil production and plasterboard. It all started in 1971 with a single wall type, but growth set in quickly. In no time at all, there was a complete range which complied with every Buildings Decree requirement.

(A) Mijlweg 3, 4131 PJ Vianen
(T) +31 (0)347 376 624
(F) +31 (0)347 377 940
(E) info@faay.nl
(W) www.faay.nl/

Profundum Instituut
The Profundum Institute stands for first class paramedic healthcare for male and female patients with pelvis, coccygeus and pelvic floor related issues. Within the institute, pelvic physical therapy and manual therapy are combined in specialized diagnostic and treatment protocols for patients with pelvic pain, obstructed miction and defecation, incontinence, dyspareunia, erectile dysfunction or prostate cancer before and after surgery. Second opinions are made for patients with unexplained or recurrent pelvic floor related complaints and low back and/or pelvic pain. Beside diagnostics and treatment of individual patients the center organizes pre and postnatal classes. Of course the manual therapist also diagnose and treat other spine related problems.

(A) Dudok erf 4, 3315 KA Dordrecht
(T) +31 (0)78 6 22 74 11
(F) +31 (0)78 6 22 74 12
(M) +31 (0)6 43 57 57 96
(E) praktijk@profunduminstituut.nl
(W) www.profunduminstituut.nl

Who says Lonka says real fudge. Lonka also stands for the best chocolate and nougat candy, such as Orange Jellies. And do not forget those delicious caramels.
In short: Lonka specializes in traditional, soft candy for adults. Tradition, quality, innovation and pampering are the central values​​.

(A) Gewenten 31, 4704 RE Roosendaal
(T) +31(0)165 529 399
(F) +31(0)165 536 348 (E) roosendaal@lonka.com
(W) www.lonka.com

Drechttankcleaning BV pushes itself to the limits for you Cleaning vessels and removing waste materials, both for the inland and sea shipping industries - Drechttankcleaning BV (DTC) likes to make a clean sweep for you! DTC is located in Dordrecht and specialises in a wide range of cleaning activities, both on the water and on shore. You can call DTC for calamities as well, 24/7.

(A) WIELDRECHTSEWEG 27, 3316 BG, Dordrecht
(T) +31 (0)78 612 09 76
(F) +31 (0)78 651 14 78
(W) www.dtcdordt.nl

Thijs Fotografie
Thijs de Witte is famous for his ice hockey pictures in Holland. He always makes the most beautifull pictures for Tilburg Trappers. For Island Cup Games Thijs will be making pictures on Saturday and Sunday.
It is possible to have photo sessions by Thijs Photography. Including sports reportage, wedding photography, portrait photography. For information you can contact Thijs Photography

(E) thijsfotografie@home.nl
(W) www.thijsfotografie.com

Quem New Media (Designers, Developers and Internet Marketers) is responsible for design, and internet marketing. They design everything on the Internet field. Think websites, webshops and new media applications such as mobile apps and sites to smartphones and tablets. In addition, they love marketing, so they have specialized in online marketing including search engine optimization (SEO) and AdWords. They also develop all their new media applications.
At a time when developments absolutely not stand still, they have chosen to collaborate with a number of strategic partners. Each partner has its own expertise in the field of new media. These partners serve as a sounding board and sparring partner, so they are always up to date on the latest techniques and developments.

(A) Jan van der Heijdenstraat 25, 3261 LE Oud-Beijerland
(T) +31 (0)186 619 788
(F) +31 (0)186 618 961
(W) www.quem.nl

Focomp-PhotoStudio has expanded its work. Focomp web design is a web hosting company and Fabarazzi Photography stands for Creative Photography, Graphic Design and Digital Artwork. They work for young and old, private and businesses. Call them for your event or wedding ... or any occasion ... Pictures tell more than a thousand words

(A) Dordrecht
(T) (+31) (0)6 52 42 04 53
(E) info@focomp.nl
(W) www.faparazzi.nl

Triskelion Advies
Sandra Galjaard of Triskelion Advice is one of the organizers of the tournament, mainly responsible for all communication and marketing. Triskelion Advice is specialized in change management for small and medium companies. She combines Human with Organization and ICT in Social innovations. Her motto: People make the difference!

(A) A. van Bleijenburgstraat 1, 3311LA Dordrecht
(T) (+31) 78 7853444
(E) galjaard@triskelion-advies.nl
(W) www.triskelion-advies.nl

Mister BIM
Mister BIM operates at the interface of people, resources and processes. According to research annually worldwide 4.300 billion is wasted on failed or not ongoing IT projects. However, until now no one has calculated (if that at all could) what the (in)tangible returns on IT are. For instance look at the Internet. Now a days it is invaluable for finding information and people (social media). And if we are honest and look closely at the reasons for the failure of IT projects we soon can conclud that not the IT fails but the way organizations IT projects design and manage. Organizations are increasingly dependent on IT. Besides administrative consequences of the advent of more and more IT, IT has also its effect on the structure of the organization. And that where the power of BIM Mister comes in hand.
IT can be the engine of change and IT is seen as an integral part of different parts together. In other words: when connecting all is based on the fundamental coherence between systems, processes and organizations. It is essential that businesses meet, influence each other and thus relate with each other. Without connections they fall apart. The change capacity of IT lies in the establishment of connections.

(A) Adriaan van Bleijenburgstraat 1, 3311 LA Dordrecht
(T) +31 (0)78 785 34 44
(M) +31 (0)6 46 72 58 03
(W) www.misterbim.nl